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Quitclaim Deed Preparation

The quitclaim deed, a legal instrument used for the transfer of real property, allows the grantee ("buyer") to legally obtain ownership without the additional inconvenience of acquiring title covenants (e.g. - insurance against liens) from the grantor ("seller"). For instance, when transferring property between family members or other parties where there is sufficient trust previously established, a quitclaim deed can be obtained to avoid the hassle of obtaining legal proof of the ownership of the property in question. Whether you are transferring a home to your daughter, giving a real property gift or converting personal property to business property, the quitclaim deed allows you to save time and money.

Property transference due to divorce is another instance in which quitclaim deeds become advantageous. In most instances when one spouse terminates interest in jointly owned property (such as the marital home), both parties share familiarity with any encumbrances on the title. This eliminates the need for additional title covenant provisions.

While the concept behind a quitclaim deed is relatively straightforward, the process by which they are implemented requires considerable legal expertise and thorough knowledge of state law. At Heekin Law we have years of experience administering legal and binding quitclaim deeds, saving hundreds of clients the time and expense of learning this lengthy process. Also, having a sound legal document allows peace of mind, and having an experienced law firm complete this process provides just that.

Below is a list of considerations Heekin Law takes into account whenever executing a quitclaim deed:

  • Drafting the actual quitclaim deed document
  • Consideration of all applicable Florida laws, restrictions and practices
  • Full and accurate legal description of the real property involved
  • Enactment and submittal through the appropriate judicial province
  • Management of all applicable taxes and fees