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For Sale By Owner

By selling your home without the help of a real estate agent you may be able to save the 6% commission typically paid to agents on a home sale. On a $250,000 home, that represents a potential savings of over $12,000. Or you can use those savings to offer your home for sale at a lower price, which may help you attract a larger pool of interested buyers and sell your home quicker.

When selling a home by owner, you don't have to leave the house because a real estate agent wants to show it, or clean it every morning before leaving "just in case". You know when potential home buyers are coming, and can therefore prepare accordingly. And when a home buyer makes an offer, there's not all that frustrating back-and-forth telephone tag between real estate agents to reach an agreement. It can be done in minutes, and end with a friendly handshake and smile between the buyer and seller. A quick phone call to your attorney at Heekin Law and we can prepare the contract to what you have agreed to, as well as provide invaluable guidance on matters that you most likely never even thought of.

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