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Business Services

The attorneys at Heekin Law provide clients with top notch service when it comes to their business needs. Whether starting up a new business, having your business reviewed, drafting a contract, shutting your business down or transferring your business, we can help you accomplish your goals in a manner that will meet your goals.

When starting up a business, you may be best suited for a Florida limited liability company (LLC), corporation or partnership. We can help review your specific needs so that the business created will be easy to maintain and also tax efficient. In creating the business, we will prepare all the documents needed to ensure that your business provides asset protection to you so that your personal assets never come into play in any legal disputes.

If you have a business contract that you need to have reviewed or would like to create a contract, we can help you with that as well. We draft our contracts so that they are easy for everyone to understand. A contact that you cannot read will not serve your purpose because you will not know how to work within it.

If you are to a point where you want out of your business, we can help you prepare the documentation to either shut your business down or transfer it to a family member or unrelated third party. Either way, we will do it in a manner that is tax efficient and cost effective to you.

Either way, we can help you with your business from start to finish.