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Property Insurance Claim Disputes

Property Insurance claim disputes require an extensive knowledge of your insurance policy, including the duties and conditions provided in the policy. This article provides information that will help you determine when you need might need some legal back up to help resolve a dispute.


5 Common Types of Trusts

The altogether alliterative attorneys at Heekin Law expound on 5 of the most common types of Trusts designed for Jacksonville residents' wealth and estate planning security. They are, in no particular order, Qualified Personal Residence, Buildup Equity Retirement, Irrevocable Life Insurance, Legacy, and Revocable Living Trusts.


Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act

The Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act (MFDRA) allows homeowners to deduct the cost of mortgage insurance premiums on their taxes in 2014 and avoid tax liabilities from short sale and foreclosure debt forgiveness. In this article we discuss the impact of the decision and include some additional details and links to external news articles.


Foreclosure vs Short Sale

Have you ever seen those analogy questions that are popular on SAT exams and other standardized tests that are written like, "Dolphin is to Mammal as Tuna is to Fish"? Well, I got one for you. If losing your home were the same as getting a venomous snake bite, then "Short Sale is to Medical Treatment as Foreclosure is to Amputation."


Tenants by the Entirety Explained

Tenants by the Entirety is from the English Common Law and provides a method of concurrent property ownership for married couples in the State of Florida that prevents individual creditors from attaching and selling the interest of the debtor spouse. This article will further explain what that means with examples and comparisons to other methods of concurrent ownership.