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Debt Relief and How to Fix Your Credit

This article focuses on personal and business debt relief, disputes and settlements. It also addresses credit repair companies offering "solutions" and "plans" that may not be as helpful as they claim.


Deficiency Lawsuits and How They Affect Foreclosed Homeowners

If you receive a deficiency judgment suit from a third party, such as Dyck-O’Neil, Inc., it is important to know your rights and options in order to protect yourself. In July of 2014, Florida law regarding deficiency judgments changed, decreasing the time in which lenders have to file a deficiency from five years to one year. As a result, the number of deficiency lawsuits in Florida has rapidly increased.


Rights and Duties of Landlords and Tenants During Foreclosure

As a tenant, if you received notice that your apartment or house is being foreclosed on, would you know what to do? Would you know your rights and duties? On the flipside, if you purchase property at a foreclosure auction, and the property already has tenants, would you know what your rights are duties are with regards to those tenants? If you are leasing property and you get served with a foreclosure suit, would you know how to proceed with your tenants? Both tenants and Landlords have rights and duties during a foreclosure.


An Introduction to Eviction

This article will serve to discuss the obligations of tenants and landlords, defining their relationships and discussing legal council, when appropriate. For those already familiar with the law, this may be rather boring, but for those that are just getting started it will hopefully provide a jumping off point.


A Guide to the Foreclosure Statutes for Florida, Part I

This article synopsizes the Florida Statutes regarding foreclosure and is intended for anyone looking to extend their knowledge of the Statutes (but probably wouldn't be helpful to other licensed Real Estate Attorneys intimately familiar with the Statutes). All of the statute information contained in this article comes from the Online Sunshine website (, which is the “Official Internet Site of the Florida Legislature”.