Less than a month ago, this site underwent a significant renovation. The goal was, and is, to provide a straightforward way for our current and prospective clients and partners to connect with us, and for us to be able to connect with them. In keeping with this latter goal, we are happy to announce our newest section of the site, the aptly titled "Articles".

For this first article we thought we would keep things light. Future articles may discuss specific concerns like foreclosures or short sales, the minutiae of real estate law, the current status of the Jacksonville real estate market, or the methodologies of a successful real estate practice. But for now, a brief introduction seems most appropriate for a first article.

We don't want to "beat a dead horse", so to speak, so we won't reiterate what you can already read in our Attorney Profile or Areas of Practice sections. But if you are currently considering contacting our real estate law firm, then perhaps it would be helpful to know more about our philosophy than where we received our law degree (University of Florida, by the way).

We believe in quality service. The economy is rough, to say the least, and the housing market seems to have been hit worse than most. Other practices may take this time to cut corners when hiring staff or providing quality service, but not us. We hire the best and brightest in Jacksonville because we know that it makes all the difference to the service our clients receive. We look for new ways, like this site, to make working with us easier and more efficient. While others look to cutting service levels back, we believe that true success will naturally come by never comprising on quality service.

We also believe in affordable prices. As I mentioned earlier, it's no secret that the economy has taken a toll and that people are tightening their belts. So how can we offer affordable prices and not compromise our service? The same way the average family does, we tighten our belts and work smarter and more efficiently. By discovering innovative ways to keep our costs low while maintaining quality service, we stay up to date and competitive. Again, the renovations to this site are a good example of this philosophy in practice.

So, that's our straightforward philosophy. Quality service, affordable prices. It sounds easy enough, but in practice requires a great deal of work to implement correctly. We look forward to the opportunity of a live demonstration for you one day, but for now, thanks for reading our first article. We hope you come back to read many, many more!