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Foreclosure Articles

St. Augustine Foreclosure Attorney Interview on WSOS Radio

WSOS Radio interviews Theresa Carli about foreclosures and short sales in St. John's County, St. Augustine and all of Northeast Florida. Listen to the show or read the transcribed interview in this article!


Foreclosure vs Short Sale

Have you ever seen those analogy questions that are popular on SAT exams and other standardized tests that are written like, "Dolphin is to Mammal as Tuna is to Fish"? Well, I got one for you. If losing your home were the same as getting a venomous snake bite, then "Short Sale is to Medical Treatment as Foreclosure is to Amputation."


Deficiency Lawsuits and How They Affect Foreclosed Homeowners

If you receive a deficiency judgment suit from a third party, such as Dyck-O’Neil, Inc., it is important to know your rights and options in order to protect yourself. In July of 2014, Florida law regarding deficiency judgments changed, decreasing the time in which lenders have to file a deficiency from five years to one year. As a result, the number of deficiency lawsuits in Florida has rapidly increased.


A Guide to the Foreclosure Statutes for Florida, Part I

This article synopsizes the Florida Statutes regarding foreclosure and is intended for anyone looking to extend their knowledge of the Statutes (but probably wouldn't be helpful to other licensed Real Estate Attorneys intimately familiar with the Statutes). All of the statute information contained in this article comes from the Online Sunshine website (, which is the “Official Internet Site of the Florida Legislature”.


Understanding Foreclosure Defense

Foreclosure is the legal process of a lender or lien holder recovering the balance of a loan or lien from a borrower that has defaulted on payments. In its most common form, foreclosure happens when a homeowner stops making payments on their mortgage, but it can also occur from other sources such as various types of liens or dues. For instance, if a homeowner is behind on their homeowners' association dues, then the association may legally attempt to foreclose.