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Our attorneys offer a wide array of Real Estate, Business, and Estate Planning Services to ensure you receive quality legal representation at an affordable price.

Our office has been open since 2004 and is located off Southside Blvd. in Jacksonville, Florida. We have six attorneys focused on Real Estate, Estate Planning and Business Planning Services as well as an extensive office support staff to provide expeditious and thorough service to every client we serve.

  • 24-hour turn around time on all contact requests through our site.
  • Receive immediate help by calling (904) 998-9733 and set up a free initial consultation.
  • Our large office with several private conference rooms has a warm and welcoming environment.
  • Six Attorneys and a large office staff provide you comprehensive legal service with a focus on client satisfaction and affordability.
  • Now handling criminal matters, including defending traffic infractions and DUIs and sealing and expunging records. We also handle consumer protection law and student loan debt matters.

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